Subscription FAQ

Q:If this is public information, then why do I have to pay for this? is a private enterprise, not a government agency. Some local governments pay VamaNet to host their data on the site free to the public. For the localities that do not do that, we provide access to the data by subscription. VamaNet also provides free access during reassessment hearings, for a limited time, as a courtesy to the local government and taxpayers.

Q:Can I get mortgage information?

A:We do not currently offer any mortgage information, but you will find the deed reference, i.e. deed book and page or instrument number.

Q:How long is the daily subscription?

A:A daily subscription is good for the 24 hour period immediately following purchase.

Q:Will I get an invoice or bill for my renewal?

A:Online subscriptions are self-managed and do not receive invoices. One week prior to expiration, an expiration warning will be displayed in red across the top of your member homepage. (does not apply to daily subscriptions)

Q:How much is it?

A:Please visit our current price list page for the most up to date fee schedule.

Q:What localities do you have?

A:Please visit out Available Localities page for the most up to date list of localities.